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“I need a database for membership classes. It will need to contain the usual heading like contact details and also attendance. What I am looking for is a database that also contains a pdf document such as the students original enrollment form which can be quickly accessed.” "I need an Access Database to track customers, their purchase on a montly basis and thier payments on a montly basis."
“We need a Engineering Change Order Database that will log change requests, allow engineers to review, approve, or reject and track the life of the change order. Various stakeholders will need to be notified when the status of the change request changes." “I would like to design a database to handle customer accounts. I want a simple sort of cash register type function for ringing in purchases for each customer and an easy way to log payments on accounts and of course be able to create statements for the customers. Maybe even set it up so they can view their account and make payments through my web site.”
Make your business more productive with custom software, databases, or dynamic web pages that meet the specific needs of your business.

The standard software packages available cannot be designed to satisfy every company’s requirement which requires you to perform some manual work that the software does not handle. We specialize in providing custom tools that fully meet the needs of your business and automate as much of your work as possible so you can focus on work that requires your expertise.
A typical employee will spend more than 50% of his time on low value added work that can be automated by computers
  • Looking for technical information not properly documented in a database
  • Tracking status of an order or trying to expedite it without the right tools
  • Sending Request For Quotes one email at a time to several suppliers
  • ...



Desktop based tools developed in various environments such as MS Access, VB / SQL Dynamic web pages, online tools, and databases.

Enable your sales team or your customers to access product information, track order statuses, or place an order from anywhere.
For: Sales & Marketing Operations Engineering Finance Procurement ...