Sample Projects

Quickly create quote
Automatically submit paperwork to engineering
Easily review quote history
Simplified RFQ process
Send several RFQ’s at once
Easy bid comparison
Manage and review skill gaps by employee or department
Create training plans for new hires, promotions, or transfers
Easy registration process
Simplified payment handling
Faster engineering change processing time
Easy tracking of change request progress
Searchable database of test results
Manage Technician workload
Testing progress visibility
  • Store customer information
  • Store product technicaland pricing data
  • Generate quotes
  • Automate RFQ’s to list of suppliers
  • Online supplier bidding page
  • Bid comparison and analysis
  • Log training and skills by employee
  • Training requirements by position or department
  • Automated registration
  • Table selection
  • Online payment
  • Log change request information
  • Track progress of engineering changes
  • Store completed requests information
  • Prioritize test requests
  • Assign testing to Technicians and manage workload
  • Record test results