Designcore - cost reduction software

Designcore - cost reduction software

You have probably one day asked yourself: “what is the most cost effective solution? Consolidating parts to a standard item that works for any application but might be sometimes over-performing or selecting the part that most closely matches the requirements for each product?”

This question is important since improving the performances of an item increases its cost, however increasing its purchased quantity decreases its cost.

This question can be answered while looking only at one product, but it becomes much more difficult to answer when trying to optimize the cost of all products.

DESIGNCORE is an innovative cost optimization tool that evaluates all the possible combinations to determine the lowest overall cost.

This cost reduction software analyzes the features of all your parts, compares it to the requirements of all your products, and evaluates the various combinations and quantity discounts to determine the most cost effective design for all of your products. It all starts with the performances requirements at the product level. DESIGNCORE will evaluate all items to determine which ones will achieve the required product performances at the lowest cost.