The Hour by Hour box

The Hour By Hour box combines the convenience of the hour by hour board with the benefits of digital data.
  • Set your production goals
  • Know what's needed on an hourly basis
  • Make goals and results visible
  • Track your progress. Are you "winning" or "losing"? Are you on track to meet your goals for the day?
  • Real time access to your data for all production cells
  • React quickly to production issues
  • Don't wait for the next day report out to implement corrective actions
  • Automate your data analysis, eliminate daily calculations
  • ​Touchscreen, small footprint, install at point of impact (cell, machine)
Visible goals, track your progress,
React faster with
real time, plant wide
Hour By Hour dashboards

⇨ Track your hourly results on the dashboard

  • Customizable user interface and data fields
  • Multiple screen sizes available
  • Local or cloud data storage (to view dashboard from anywhere)
  • Easily add additional units as needed
  • Configure dashboard to match plant layout and quickly identify problems areas

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