Business Intelligence Dashboards

Many businesses store critical data in a variety of business software and databases. These tools don't typically communicate with each other and don't provide real time reports that are easily customized to your needs. Moreover, cross checking business data between data sources is usually time consuming and requires manual data handling.

Relying on spreadsheet reports that take time to put together and become obsolete in a matter of minutes creates inefficiencies and slows down reaction time to critical business events.

Our custom dashboard solutions will show you all the information you need in one central location, from a variety of data sources, in real time!

Make quicker, more informed,
better decisions with
real time, global
  • No more waiting for latest report to be
  • React immediately to issues or negative
  • Aggregate data from multiple data sources
    (operations, engineering, sales, sourcing,...)
  • Improve information availability across
  • Take action directly from dashboard
  • Buttons to launch tasks or email
  • Custom charts, tables, reports
  • Different views for each department