Ahead Consulting - cost reduction software

Costaware - cost reduction software

Costaware is a cost reduction software that will lead you through the main analyses to reduce costs. It will help you structure your data, help you understand what path to follow, and show you a list of opportunities to go after.

It is the perfect software for companies that have good resources but lack the expertise and tools to maximize cost reduction results.

Costaware runs on Microsoft Access

The following analyses are available within Costaware:

  • View and consolidate the current purchasing map

  • supplier cost breakdowns

  • Supplier allocation strategy analysis

  • Cost driver analysis

  • Function analysis / Value Analysis

  • Product benchmarking

  • Component consolidation

  • Request For Quotations (RFQ) analysis


cost reduction software
Costaware - cost reduction software

Each analysis is thoroughly explained within Costaware to help the user understand the objectives, the benefits, the method, and what to look for.

Cost reduction experts can also benefit from using the software as it will run the analyses and avoid time consuming work. Experts can then focus their energy on analyzing the results and implementing changes.